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Newsletter 01/2017
Designed with Light - and with “Characters”

Lightpanels cover RGB, skillfully combined to form an illuminated portal and connected illuminated ceiling at the hotel/restaurant Lauterbad with their vast spectrum of light colours generate quite different atmospheres in the restaurant. A warm orange shade creates a pleasantly intimate mood. At breakfast time, white illumination brings about freshness for a good start into the day. The wall panelling consisting of Authentic is an interesting contrast. Panels made of recycled wood coming from old wine barrels create a rustic yet sophisticated character for every light mood. Go to project…

Invision Goes Blue

The initial thought coming to mind when hearing the name Invision is green grasses, leaves in natural colours or delicate twigs. But Invision is much more. Interesting inlays made of brilliant metals or high-tech fabric, of plastic, glass fibres or paper. With Invision blue wire – fine wires, wrapped in blue paper embedded in transparent PETG, form a three-dimensional striped pattern. At a tax accountant firm in Luxemburg our material was inserted into an aluminium frame and used as room divider. An exceptional design element which is the most important part of the interior decoration. Go to project…

Lightpanel – Natural(ly)

Organo in Tittling is a naturopathic surgery focusing on the energetic power of water. When creating the interior design of the surgery it was intended to create visual images of water in its original environment. Different landscapes decorate both reception counters and the waiting area. In particular, the back lighting of the large images by means of Lightpanels tex makes them the perfect eyecatcher. The print on the fabric is quite brilliant but the decision for Lightpanels tex has yet another reason. Since the fabric has a welt edge the images can easily be exchanged at the site if necessary. Go to project…

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