You Eat With Your Eyes First

Project: Casino of the DATEV IT Campus 111 in Nürnberg; illuminated counter fronts in the restaurant area
Products: Lightpanel frameless in different sizes and Lightpanel individual as solution for the corners, all panels equipped with LED-RGB technology
Realisation: Winkler Design GmbH & Co. KG
Fotograf: Thomas Kehrberger, Designpanel GmbH


A milestone in the company history of DATEV – the newly constructed IT Campus for the first time unites the 1,800 software engineers under one roof and offers them an ideal work environment. This also includes an outstanding canteen. Tasty and varied food is prepared at the canteen and served in the most enticing way – because “you eat with your eyes first”, as the saying goes. The illuminated fronts of the large buffet counters create a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect place to present the soups, salads and desserts. In order to be able to feed far more than a thousand employees on a daily basis, several counters are distributed like islands throughout the room. The largest counter forms an accessible open square with a side length of more than 4 metres.  All counter fronts are illuminated by Lightpanels and change the appearance of the room due to their changing light colours. Owing to the special Lightpanel solution for corners (mitred), the continuous illumination effect is not interrupted.

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