Wonderful Play of Light and Colour

Project: Café Brezl’s, Ingolstadt
Product: Lightpanels plus RGB as decorative illuminated walls with subtle light effects
Planning: designpanel
Photographer: Thomas Kehrberger, Designpanel GmbH


Lightpanels plus which decorate the back wall of a café create a very nice atmosphere which appeals to the respective target groups. One of the light panels is imprinted with the logo of the café, two others have an exotic touch because of the decorative panel made of Invision bamboo. The panels are equipped with LEDs of the RGB colour spectrum and numerous lighting options can be selected via remote control. In the afternoons, for example, Café Brezl’s is intimately illuminated to create the atmosphere of vintage coffee houses. In the evenings sensational colour change programs create an atmosphere which appeals to younger guests.

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