structure in motion


Living structures – the Wavepanel name well describes the impression that surrounds these innovative materials, which are given a three-dimension character as a result of our high-tech milling processes. You will be impressed by the interaction of material and light in our relief-like structures.

Wavepanel welle
Wavepanel with surface "welle", transparent

The source materials that we use are acrylic glass or mineral materials, such as Corian®, HI-MACS®, Staron® or Varicor®, all of which have varied surfaces that resemble natural stone.

Wavepanels will give you a huge range of design options as a result of their different processing methods: They can be machined, laser cut, thermoformed and bonded using different technologies. Even more are available for selection during the final processing – the surfaces can be satinised, polished or varnished.

Wavepanels made from acrylic glass


Wavepanels made from acrylic glass have a tremendous advantage – they are translucent. Natural incidence of light or specific illumination, using lightpanels for example, will give special emphasis to the decorative structures of our translucent Wavepanels. Another plus is the variety of colours available. You can combine differently coloured acrylic glass sheets using surface adhesion, which will create completely individual colour patterns as a result of the different processing depths realised during the milling.

You can choose from three different structures.

 The examples are made of Iceplex


Effect examples using multi-coloured, coated acrylic glass:


Linse 2-coloured
Linse 2-coloured
Linse 3-coloured

The special feature: The multi-coloured Wavepanel’s three-dimensional structure causes that the panel changes appearance when viewed from different angles. Individual designs and colour combinations are available upon request.

Colour examples (Iceplex)

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Wavepanels made from solid surface materials


The plasticity of the natural stone resembling surfaces is a result of the processing into Wavepanels. The relief-like structures lend the materials their very special character and make them exceptional for the use as architectural elements. You will find products made from Corian®, in our standard range, but Wavepanels can be manufactured from any solid surface material in practice. Come to your own decision based on your personal taste and your intended use.

Wavepanelmuster aus verschiedenen Mineralwerkstoffen

 Examples of application possibilities

Wavepanel hinterleuchtet
Lightpanel framless RGB plus Wavepanel black and white

Wavepanel linear in the daylight

Hinterleuchtete Wavepanel-Theke
Thermally shaped Wavepanel bar, warm white backlighting

Wavepanel made of satinised acrylic glass as backsplash
Wavepanel made of satinised acrylic glass as backsplash

Hocker aus Wavepanel Acrylglas, innen beleuchtet
Wavepanel stool made of acrylic glass, illuminated from inside

Wavepanel linse 3-coloured

Linse 3-coloured: black, grey, transparent

Wavepanel partition

A bar front made of Wavepanel

Wavepanel as wall panel made of solid surface material
Wavepanel as wall panel made of solid surface material

Wavepanel made of solid surface material Corian