The “Mini” Makes a Great Appearance

Project: Illuminated text panels, ceilings and arrows for the “Mini” exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich
Product: Special solutions on the basis of Lightpanel original; 35 illuminated steles with black, powder coated frames and with exchangeable images on printing films; 4 free-form illuminated arrows serve as ceiling lighting. Additionally, there are light boxes in different sizes for large fluorescent lettering and an illuminated ceiling consisting of four Lightpanels original having a total size of approx. 6 x 1 metres.
Planning: Volker Bender GmbH, Kaiserslautern


Information steles made of Lightpanels guide the visitors of the museum through the fascinating history of the “Mini”. Black frames were used for this special Lightpanel version. The surfaces of the steles are laminated in black to render them opaque. The illumination is limited to the text blocks and the yellow frames. Freeform Lightpanels were designed to serve as illuminated arrows for the ceiling. In addition, a classical illuminated ceiling consisting of several Lightpanels original is also displayed at the exhibition.

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