The Magic of Light at the Lorenzkirche

Project: Kinetic light object “Circles / Centre” for the exhibition “SpielRaum Reformation” (“Make Room for Reformation”) at the Lorenzkirche in Nuremberg
Product: LED light installation consisting of Lightgraphic discs with translucent circles changing their colours
Design: Rita Kriege, Nuremberg
Technical Planning and Realisation: axis Gmbh & Co. KG


The free space which became available at the Lorenzkirche as a result of the temporary removal of the seats was used for the artistic discourse with the subject of the reformation. Different installations and objects were exhibited for a short period of time, among them a light installation by the artist Rita Kriege. The rosette of the church, its shape and symbolic power, served as source of inspiration for her idea to create a round illuminated object with four rings positioned one behind the other. Lightgraphic was used for the technical realisation. The object consists of transparent Plexiglas® panels with engraved circles and rings of different sizes placed underneath a transparent hood. Each of these discs is provided with coloured light from the base and via the edge thereby illuminating the rings. The colour of the light for each disc can be changed as desired by means of remote control.

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