Table - Drenched by Light

Project: Opening of Symirna Delicatessen at Kaufland, Friedrichshafen
Product: Lightgraphic: LED illuminated table made of Plexiglas® with RGB diodes
Planning: Schrutka-Peukert, Kulmbach
Realisation: Designpanel in cooperation with distribution partner BeMoss, Kulmbach


Reduced design vocabulary coupled with baroque elements in cool black and white. Only the illuminated table in the centre of the room puts colour into play... The newly opened delicatessen restaurant at Friedrichshafen presents itself with unusual design ideas. From the beginning it was intended that a long, waste-high "bistro table" should be the centre of the room. The initial idea was a table with a length of four metres and rounded ends pointing downward as well as integrated lighting. In the end the idea of the planners was implemented "à la Designpanel":Transparent Plexiglas® transmits coloured LED light from the front end of the table across its entire length via engraved lines. The colours can be controlled via radio remote control.

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