Submarine Worlds

Project:  Den Blå Planet - National Aquarium Denmark; scenographically reconfigured in 2015  
Product:  Lightpanel original RGB, the surface consists of safety glass
Exhibition Concept and Design: Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart
Realisation: Engelbrecht Construction A/S, Værløse, Denmark
Photographer:  Klaus Reinelt, Essen


‘Den Blå Planet‘ is one of Denmark's main attractions. Thousands of fishes and marine animals can be observed here. The Blue Planet has water on all side and is intended to give the visitors a feeling of being under water. Now the Aquarium has been graphically reconfigured by the Stuttgart exhibition designers ATELIER BRÜCKNER, whereby a fundamentally new approach to the contents has been taken. 1,600 square metres of exhibition have been made into a swirling museum experience.
The five large illuminated portals in the centre of the aquarium which guide visitors to the different submarine worlds are quite impressive. All illuminated surfaces consist of lightpanels original RGB with a height of three metres, whereby a specific colour was used for each portal. The surface of the Lightpanels is made of safety glass with digital print.

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