Composite materials with honeycomb core by BENCORE Italy – the specialist for composite sandwich panels.
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The Greatest Variety for Your Projects

We added some highly innovative materials by other manufacturers to our product portfolio in an effort to supplement our own core products. One of them is STARLIGHT by bencore. Composite materials with excellent properties suitable for the most variable applications.

As of immediately you can obtain products by bencore directly from us for inclusion in your    project planning. This way your entire project can be realized from a single source with only one point of contact for all processing stages – if so desired even up to assembly at the site.  

Here some examples of the STARLIGHT product group. You will find the complete portfolio and detailed information on the website of:

A short overview of the Starlight™ products:

Starlight™: Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent SAN core bonded with external layers in Acrylic offered in various finishes and standard colours. 
Thanks to its characteristics of lightweight, stiffness, translucency and unique aesthetical feature resulting from the geometrical pattern of its core, this structural panel has a wide variety of indoor applications.  
Starlight Maxi™ is superior in rigidity and well suited for high-load applications. It is the ideal product for projects where strong thickness and special structural performances are required.

Starlight Plus™ is designed for indoor applications where fire resistance is required ( Class 1/ Italy, B1/ Germany ) or UV protection from light coming from artificial sources or through windows or skylights.

Some colour examples:
Glossy surface finish
Satinised surface finish
Glossy surface finish

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Examples of application: