Space Magic

Project: Design of a private bedroom with a walk-in closet
Product: Invision jungle as room divider with integrated walk-in closet elements
Planning and Installation: Schreinerei ML GmbH, Erlenbach;
Photos: Schreinerei ML GmbH, Erlenbach


A bedroom under the roof is cosy but often there are not enough straight walls to put up a wardrobe. With this well-thought-out solution, partition walls made of Invision jungle create a room within a room with several closets for clothing, shelves, seats and sufficient space to move around. Three individual elements of the walk-in closet, which are white on the front and covered with black leather on the side facing the bed, are integrated into the partition wall facing towards the sleeping area. The objective of the planning was to indicate through the transparency of Invision that the bedroom does not end at the closet. The illuminated ceiling installed inside the closet emits light and this lighting effect is similar to the sunlight penetrating the jungle filtered by a dense, green canopy.

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