Wellness & Care

Lightpanel tex in a naturopathic surgery – brilliant, exchangeable prints on fabric

Wall panels made of Invision nature in the rooms of the military hospital in Sharjah, UAE

Interior decoration of several clinics in Qatar using Invision, Starlight and Lightpanels

Partition walls made of Invision birch and jungle at a Swiss veterinary clinic

Illuminated wall panels made of Lightpanel frameless plus Invision drops black

Fresh design for a screen made of Invision weed green at a general practitioner surgery in Leipzig 

Reception counter at a doctor`s office – the front consists of Invision bamboo green yellow

Invision leaves nature at the changing area of the Thermal Salt Spring Salü in Lüneburg

Room-high sheathing for columns at the Sibyllenbad, dramatically illuminated from the inside

Large Lightpanels splash RGB create light scenarios in the swimming pool hall of the VitaSol

Lightpanel cover as illuminated ceiling with daylight effect at the Nardini Hospital in Zweibrücken

Illuminated walls in the foyer of a wave pool in Berlin consisting of Lightpanels frameless

Illuminated ceilings made of round Lightpanels and Iceplex at the leisure pool Aquasud

Invision weed green, green raffia embedded in transparent plastics, in a surgery in Karlsruhe

Partition made of Invision stem and Iceplex in a newly designed naturopathic practice

Hospital environment with Lightpanels, Invision, Iceplex and Aquaplex in Doha, Qatar

Lightpanels splash, cover and individual at the  Therme Bad Rodach

Thermo-formed  Invision beargrass in a dermatologistic practice

Bar made of thermo-formed Lightpanels individual RGB