Shops & Presentation

Interior design for a pharmacy using Invision twigs mix and Invision flowerfield

Aviator watch presentation with Lightgraphic at the luxury shopping centre GUM in Moscow

Highlight at the Café and Bakery Wüst: Counter with backlit front made of Invision jungle

Illuminated counters with Lightpanel frameless RGB at the bistro of the  DATEV IT-Campus

Ceiling lights consisting of Lightpanels frameless with glass cover in the shop of BMW World

Illuminated walls made of Lightpanel cover in an optician's store in Luxembourg 

Lightpanels on one of the most famous shopping streets, the Champs-Elysées in Paris

Shop and wall elements made of Invision Panels

A shop counter with Lightpanel plus Invision stem at a Nordsee Restaurant

Lightpanel frameless with different prints in a perfumery

Beauty Salon with Invision stem, Iceplex and Lightpanel

Tiffany & Co.: Arched light stele made of Lightpanel RGB with showcase

Iceplex counter top; Lightpanel plus digital print  and Lightpanel twin at the wall