Restaurants & Hotels

Wavepanel linear as wavelike counter panelling at the Inselhotel Rote Erde on the island Borkum

Illuminated ceiling, portal and recycled wood: Lightpanel cover and Authentic barrique

Sophisticated design using Authentic silvery gleam and cancello by Acrylic Couture®

Wheat spikes embedded in transparent plastic: Invision corn as partition at a Pizzeria in Kiev

Trapeze shaped bottle shelf illuminated on both sides consisting of Lightpanel twin

Screen wall made of Lightpanel twin with Invision jungle -both surfaces illuminated

Invision twigs white, fading, as bent screen in the wellness area of the Hotel Engel, Tyrol

Room divider made of Invision birch and Invision fern at an Alpin & Spa Resort

Multi-functional room for events with elements made of Invision twigs white

Lightpanel frameless plus Invision beargrass create bright highlights

The Baltic Sea Neptun beach hotel gives its rooms a sand dune flair with Invision beargrass

Corner solution with Lightpanel frameless plus Invision jungle in a vegetarian restaurant

Illuminated Lightgraphic table made of transparent Plexiglas® attract guests to the restaurant

Invision jungle wall panel, backlit in various colours at a restaurant in Zug, Switzerland

Lightpanel counter at the Weser- Tower as set for the Werder Bremen Talk show

Unique Lightpanel solution as illuminated wall at two Sheraton hotel bars

Invision jungle in the sanitary rooms of the restuarant Salin in Bad Reichenhall

Wavepanel bar front at the trendy Crowne Plaza in London

Lightpanels plus Invision bamboo and prints at Cafe Brezl's

Lightwall made of Lightpanels, partially with Invision or prints, mixed with Iceplex

Steles made of Invision birch, faded arrangement, white PETG background

Ceiling suspension made of Invision with artificial birch leaves as special inlay

Screen panels made of Invision jungle, fading

Bar panelling and side tables made of Invision bamboo nature brown

Illuminate wallpanel made from Invision beargrass  in several branches of Café Picnic

Dining room in  Hotel Mercure, Severinshof – with room dividers made from Invision birch

Lightpanel frameless RGB in a hot spot restaurant

Unique ceiling lights made of Lightpanels RGB with colour change programming

Murals Lightpanel frameless RGB plus Invision system provide atmosphere