Museums & Art

Lightpanels frameless illuminate historical photographs at the Museum Judengasse, Frankfurt

Lightpanels frameless in various free forms illuminate the staircase of Ludwigslust Palace

Lightpanels individual: parallelogram-shaped at the “Memorium Nuremberg Trials”

Lightpanel original RGB as illuminated portals at the aquarium Den Blå Planet in Denmark

Illuminated panels and pull-outs consisting of Lightpanel frameless

Lightgraphic brings magical light to the Lorenzkirche: Light object by Rita Kriege

Illuminated boxes with photographs by Christian Höhn at the Deutsche Bahn Museum

Lightpanel cover with integrated showcases tell the story of the Herrnhut Star

Memorial site with presentation boards consisting of Lightpanels  splash

The BMW Museum in Munich presents the story of the “Mini” on  Lightpanels original

Light boxes and showcases using Lightpanels at the  NH- Museum in Vienna

Like open books – Uniquely designed Lightpanels provide information about Albrecht Dürer

The  GNM presents a part of the museum’s history on Lightpanels

Photo exhibition with Lightpanel picture at the DB Musum, Nuremberg

Two light installations consisting of 4 each Lightpanels iso RGB with print and engravings

" Musical Chairs": Panels of hot shaped acrylic glass manufactured according to a scheme

Lightpanel frameless, cool white plus glass with direct printing on the inner surface.