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Atmospheric lighting with Lightpanel and Invision raffia at the sailing yacht HANSE 675

Creative master carpenters build unique furniture with Invision bamboo, raffia and lavender 

Custom made hall furniture with door and drawer fronts made of Invision lavender

Built-in light fixture in luxury caravan: Lightpanel alu-slim plus Invision jungle 

Invision jungle was used for the walk-in closed in a bedroom with a slanted ceiling

Private cinema with illuminated stele made of Invision bamboo green yellow

Luxurious interior fittings of a yacht with elements from Invision birch, blade, fern and beargrass

Exquisite private bath rooms with shower screens made of Invision jungle and acai 

Lightpanel individual as a bar in a private pool area 

Lightpanel illuminated signs with glass surface, protected against weather effects and damages

Kitchen with Lightpanel RGB backsplash plus Invision feathers