Fairs & Exhibitions

Lightgraphic application at the IAA: words are in turn illuminated inside of large illuminated letters

Lightwall consisting of Lightgraphic and Lightpanel slim in freeform at the IAA

Illuminated graphics in a transparent panel – Lightgraphic as element of a stand

Almost forty Lightpanels frameless illuminate the Swiss pavilion at the EXPO 2015

Lightpanel floor RGB as variable and reusable illuminated floor elements for exhibition stands

Swarovski “Honeycomb", made of CELLPLEX with embedded Swarovski crystals

Exhibition stand elements and tables made of white and green  Iceplex

Partitions made of Invision stem, stools LEM nature

Light tiles and revolving stages made of Lightpanel floor in RGB, individually controllable

Exhibition stand element, light-band and table surfaces made of white  Iceplex

Exhibition stand with free-formed elements made of Iceplex