Business & Office

Semi-transparent room divider made of Invision blue wire at a tax accounting firm in Luxemburg

Counters built using Lightpanels frameless in the Business Lounge of the Airport Munich

Lightpanel frameless and original in the company headquarters of Thomas Sabo

Invision stem in Rome – counter front and dividing walls in the new conference centre

Light walls made of Lightpanel splash as signage for the outside area of the Air Campus 

Serving counters with Lightpanel frameless and individual at the casino of the DATEV IT Campus

Invision stem, fading as room divider at the Regional Library Neubrandenburg

Illuminated wall and portal made of Lightpanel frameless at Paris, Boulevard Haussmann

Illuminated ceiling consisting of lighting modules covered with fabric: Backlight tex

This exquisite design of a VR Bank displays various applications possible with Invision birch

Lightpanel counters with colourful illumination, screens made of Invision at a VR Bank

Invision weed red as partition and screen elements at the Sparkasse Emden

Illuminated columns using Invision birch and Lightpanels as rewritable whiteboards

Semi-circle room divider made of thermally bent Lightpanels plus Invision jungle at a savings bank

Light cube consisting of 18 Lightpanel cover in different sizes at the Sparkasse Augsburg

Thermally bent room divider made of Invision with metal rods in an office building at Luxemburg 

This Illuminated wall consisting of Lightpanel frameless RGB appears to be “floating” 

Ethereal bank design: VR branch with Aquaplex and Invision birch in the counter area 

Invision with a special inlay of mountain hay in the restrooms of a milk-producer's headquarter

Weather-proof Lightpanels splash as facade cladding

Bottom of steps illuminated with eight Lightpanel original, steps with LEDs in RGB

Three-dimensional light object made of RGB- Lightpanel walls with Invision stem

Wavepanel counters and wall panels, doors of Invision stem, Iceplex as counter top and screen