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Interior design for a pharmacy using Invision twigs mix and Invision flowerfield

Wavepanel linear as wavelike counter panelling at the Inselhotel Rote Erde on the island Borkum

Lightpanel tex in a naturopathic surgery – brilliant, exchangeable prints on fabric

Semi-transparent room divider made of Invision blue wire at a tax accounting firm in Luxemburg

Illuminated ceiling, portal and recycled wood: Lightpanel cover and Authentic barrique

Lightpanels frameless illuminate historical photographs at the Museum Judengasse, Frankfurt

Counters built using Lightpanels frameless in the Business Lounge of the Airport Munich

Lightpanel frameless and original in the company headquarters of Thomas Sabo

Sophisticated design using Authentic silvery gleam and cancello by Acrylic Couture®

Wall panels made of Invision nature in the rooms of the military hospital in Sharjah, UAE

Invision stem in Rome – counter front and dividing walls in the new conference centre

Atmospheric lighting with Lightpanel and Invision raffia at the sailing yacht HANSE 675

Interior decoration of several clinics in Qatar using Invision, Starlight and Lightpanels

Aviator watch presentation with Lightgraphic at the luxury shopping centre GUM in Moscow

Wheat spikes embedded in transparent plastic: Invision corn as partition at a Pizzeria in Kiev

Highlight at the Café and Bakery Wüst: Counter with backlit front made of Invision jungle

Partition walls made of Invision birch and jungle at a Swiss veterinary clinic

Illuminated wall panels made of Lightpanel frameless plus Invision drops black

Lightpanels frameless in various free forms illuminate the staircase of Ludwigslust Palace

Fresh design for a screen made of Invision weed green at a general practitioner surgery in Leipzig 

Light walls made of Lightpanel splash as signage for the outside area of the Air Campus 

Creative master carpenters build unique furniture with Invision bamboo, raffia and lavender 

Trapeze shaped bottle shelf illuminated on both sides consisting of Lightpanel twin

Custom made hall furniture with door and drawer fronts made of Invision lavender

Reception counter at a doctor`s office – the front consists of Invision bamboo green yellow

Screen wall made of Lightpanel twin with Invision jungle -both surfaces illuminated

Built-in light fixture in luxury caravan: Lightpanel alu-slim plus Invision jungle 

Illuminated counters with Lightpanel frameless RGB at the bistro of the  DATEV IT-Campus

Invision jungle was used for the walk-in closed in a bedroom with a slanted ceiling

Lightgraphic application at the IAA: words are in turn illuminated inside of large illuminated letters

Invision twigs white, fading, as bent screen in the wellness area of the Hotel Engel, Tyrol

Lightpanels individual: parallelogram-shaped at the “Memorium Nuremberg Trials”

Invision leaves nature at the changing area of the Thermal Salt Spring Salü in Lüneburg

Serving counters with Lightpanel frameless and individual at the casino of the DATEV IT Campus

Lightwall consisting of Lightgraphic and Lightpanel slim in freeform at the IAA

Invision stem, fading as room divider at the Regional Library Neubrandenburg

Room-high sheathing for columns at the Sibyllenbad, dramatically illuminated from the inside

Lightpanel original RGB as illuminated portals at the aquarium Den Blå Planet in Denmark

Ceiling lights consisting of Lightpanels frameless with glass cover in the shop of BMW World

Illuminated graphics in a transparent panel – Lightgraphic as element of a stand

Large Lightpanels splash RGB create light scenarios in the swimming pool hall of the VitaSol

Almost forty Lightpanels frameless illuminate the Swiss pavilion at the EXPO 2015

Room divider made of Invision birch and Invision fern at an Alpin & Spa Resort

Illuminated wall and portal made of Lightpanel frameless at Paris, Boulevard Haussmann

Illuminated ceiling consisting of lighting modules covered with fabric: Backlight tex

Private cinema with illuminated stele made of Invision bamboo green yellow

Illuminated panels and pull-outs consisting of Lightpanel frameless

Lightgraphic brings magical light to the Lorenzkirche: Light object by Rita Kriege

Multi-functional room for events with elements made of Invision twigs white

Illuminated boxes with photographs by Christian Höhn at the Deutsche Bahn Museum

Lightpanel frameless plus Invision beargrass create bright highlights

Lightpanel floor RGB as variable and reusable illuminated floor elements for exhibition stands

Lightpanel cover as illuminated ceiling with daylight effect at the Nardini Hospital in Zweibrücken

Lightpanel cover with integrated showcases tell the story of the Herrnhut Star

This exquisite design of a VR Bank displays various applications possible with Invision birch

Memorial site with presentation boards consisting of Lightpanels  splash

Lightpanel counters with colourful illumination, screens made of Invision at a VR Bank

Invision weed red as partition and screen elements at the Sparkasse Emden

Illuminated columns using Invision birch and Lightpanels as rewritable whiteboards

The BMW Museum in Munich presents the story of the “Mini” on  Lightpanels original

Semi-circle room divider made of thermally bent Lightpanels plus Invision jungle at a savings bank

Illuminated walls in the foyer of a wave pool in Berlin consisting of Lightpanels frameless

Light cube consisting of 18 Lightpanel cover in different sizes at the Sparkasse Augsburg

Illuminated ceilings made of round Lightpanels and Iceplex at the leisure pool Aquasud

The Baltic Sea Neptun beach hotel gives its rooms a sand dune flair with Invision beargrass

Swarovski “Honeycomb", made of CELLPLEX with embedded Swarovski crystals

Light boxes and showcases using Lightpanels at the  NH- Museum in Vienna

Thermally bent room divider made of Invision with metal rods in an office building at Luxemburg 

Like open books – Uniquely designed Lightpanels provide information about Albrecht Dürer

This Illuminated wall consisting of Lightpanel frameless RGB appears to be “floating” 

The  GNM presents a part of the museum’s history on Lightpanels

Invision weed green, green raffia embedded in transparent plastics, in a surgery in Karlsruhe

Illuminated walls made of Lightpanel cover in an optician's store in Luxembourg 

Ethereal bank design: VR branch with Aquaplex and Invision birch in the counter area 

Corner solution with Lightpanel frameless plus Invision jungle in a vegetarian restaurant

Partition made of Invision stem and Iceplex in a newly designed naturopathic practice

Illuminated Lightgraphic table made of transparent Plexiglas® attract guests to the restaurant

Lightpanels on one of the most famous shopping streets, the Champs-Elysées in Paris

Luxurious interior fittings of a yacht with elements from Invision birch, blade, fern and beargrass

Invision jungle wall panel, backlit in various colours at a restaurant in Zug, Switzerland

Hospital environment with Lightpanels, Invision, Iceplex and Aquaplex in Doha, Qatar

Lightpanel counter at the Weser- Tower as set for the Werder Bremen Talk show

Unique Lightpanel solution as illuminated wall at two Sheraton hotel bars

Invision jungle in the sanitary rooms of the restuarant Salin in Bad Reichenhall

Wavepanel bar front at the trendy Crowne Plaza in London

Exquisite private bath rooms with shower screens made of Invision jungle and acai 

Invision with a special inlay of mountain hay in the restrooms of a milk-producer's headquarter

Shop and wall elements made of Invision Panels

Exhibition stand elements and tables made of white and green  Iceplex

A shop counter with Lightpanel plus Invision stem at a Nordsee Restaurant

Lightpanels splash, cover and individual at the  Therme Bad Rodach

Lightpanel individual as a bar in a private pool area 

Photo exhibition with Lightpanel picture at the DB Musum, Nuremberg

Lightpanels plus Invision bamboo and prints at Cafe Brezl's

Thermo-formed  Invision beargrass in a dermatologistic practice

Lightpanel frameless with different prints in a perfumery

Two light installations consisting of 4 each Lightpanels iso RGB with print and engravings

Beauty Salon with Invision stem, Iceplex and Lightpanel

Partitions made of Invision stem, stools LEM nature

Lightpanel illuminated signs with glass surface, protected against weather effects and damages

Weather-proof Lightpanels splash as facade cladding

Tiffany & Co.: Arched light stele made of Lightpanel RGB with showcase

Lightwall made of Lightpanels, partially with Invision or prints, mixed with Iceplex

Bottom of steps illuminated with eight Lightpanel original, steps with LEDs in RGB

Light tiles and revolving stages made of Lightpanel floor in RGB, individually controllable

Three-dimensional light object made of RGB- Lightpanel walls with Invision stem

" Musical Chairs": Panels of hot shaped acrylic glass manufactured according to a scheme

Exhibition stand element, light-band and table surfaces made of white  Iceplex

Kitchen with Lightpanel RGB backsplash plus Invision feathers

Exhibition stand with free-formed elements made of Iceplex

Wavepanel counters and wall panels, doors of Invision stem, Iceplex as counter top and screen

Steles made of Invision birch, faded arrangement, white PETG background

Ceiling suspension made of Invision with artificial birch leaves as special inlay

Screen panels made of Invision jungle, fading

Bar panelling and side tables made of Invision bamboo nature brown

Illuminate wallpanel made from Invision beargrass  in several branches of Café Picnic

Dining room in  Hotel Mercure, Severinshof – with room dividers made from Invision birch

Lightpanel frameless RGB in a hot spot restaurant

Unique ceiling lights made of Lightpanels RGB with colour change programming

Iceplex counter top; Lightpanel plus digital print  and Lightpanel twin at the wall

Bar made of thermo-formed Lightpanels individual RGB

Murals Lightpanel frameless RGB plus Invision system provide atmosphere

Lightpanel frameless, cool white plus glass with direct printing on the inner surface.

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