Public Swimming Pools, Wellness Areas, Bathrooms, Sanitary Rooms

Most of our products can be used in bathrooms or humide environments without any problems. Our Design-Panels made of acrylic glass and PETG are generally waterproof. However if natural materials or fabrics are inlayed into Invision, moisture may penetrate through the open cutting edge. In order to prevent this all cutting edges must be protected by means of edge banding. If Invision is used as shower wall, the "pearl" surface will protect your privacy.

For environments with a high air humidity and splash water we developed a special type of Lightpanel, called Lightpanel splash. It is ideal as a lighting element for creating appealing effects in bathrooms or wellness, pool and sauna environments. An acrylic glass hood serves as protection against the penetration of moisture. Additionally the LEDs are also provided with a special moisture protection.



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Public Pools, Thermal Spas, Wellness Areas:

Private Bathrooms, Spas, Sanitary Rooms: