Lightpanel: Sophisticated Lighting Solutions for Museums and Exhibitions

Lightpanels offer various applications for exhibitions – last but not least because of their high quality standards and the possibility to modify them as required. Whether used as small illuminated panel or as large illuminated areas covering several square metres in size, Lightpanels always impress by their absolutely homogenous lighting effect. If Lightpanel frameless is used the visible illuminated area practically extends all the way to the edge making the presentation of large scale images possible on several consecutive panels.

Lightpanels as Self-Illuminating Information Displays, Placards and Dioramas

Lightpanels have a perfect appearance and are a high-class solution for presenting texts and graphical representations to the visitors of museums. They allow easily grasping information and guarantee non-tiring reading without strain for the eyes because, other than with panels illuminated by a separate light source, light reflections will not disturb the vision.

As a rule LEDs with 4.000 K are used for backlighting the Lightpanels because their shade of white is colour neutral. The light intensity is adapted to the brightness of the environment so that soft and glare-free backlighting of the texts and graphic representations is guaranteed.

The prints can be directly applied on acrylic glass or glass. Film printing is also possible making replacement of the texts at a later date much easier. 


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Lightpanels as Illumination for Showcases

Lightpanels as integrated illumination for showcases or display cabinets help prevent reflections and direct glare which could be caused by bright light sources. All areas covered by Lightpanels are illuminated homogeneously and softly whether used as ceiling lighting, illuminated back wall/panel or pedestal.

In order to ensure the colour-fidelity of valuable exhibits presented, it is recommended to use special LEDs with a particularly high colour rendering index. Also protecting the exhibits against light is an important issue when planning an exhibition because ultraviolet radiation and heat may cause damages over time. Lightpanels neither generate UV nor infrared radiation.

Illuminated Displays – Special Solutions

Information does not always have to be presented in black on white. It is also appealing to present bright letters on a dark background. The information steles for the BMW Museum were made using Lightpanel original with black frames. Films printed in black and yellow were applied on the area to be illuminated, the letters were left blank. For the Durer Museum  Lightpanels individual were used to create an “open book design”. The filigree dark ornamental print of the pages has a linen-type character and was applied in such a manner that a three-dimensional effect is created.  Lightpanels cover with integrated showcases were used for the exhibition “Herrnhuther Stern”, and Lightpanels in free-form  as illuminated walls at the Museum "Memorium Nuremberg Trials".

Lightpanels as Illumination Medium for Artistic Images and Paintings

Self-illuminating works of art are an exceptional means for creating special highlights at an exhibition. For this purpose Lightpanels offer many possibilities to ensure the colour-fidelity of the brilliant prints or large-format slides presented.