Application in Medical Institutions - Hospitals, Doctor's Offices, Rehabilitation Centres, Senior Living Residences, Wellness & Care

Lightpanels with their soft, brilliant light have a calming effect on the viewer and alleviate the stress and fears of the patients. Studies have shown that a friendly environment with a well-designed light concept can vastly contribute to recovery. It is understood that a pleasant atmosphere will not heal an illness, however it will certainly contribute to the emotional wellness of the patients, thereby indirectly supporting the healing process.

A  positive environment created by colourful lighting is relaxing  and  recommended for diagnostic and treatment rooms,  as well as patient care areas. Subtle light effects creating a cosy atmosphere are also used  for wellness areas, bathrooms and saunas.

Additionally, design panels such as Invision and Wavepanel offer a myriad of options for a pleasant and sophisticated design of reception areas and waiting rooms in doctor's offices, hospitals and medical centres.


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