Illuminated Floors – Illuminated Tiles

Illuminated floors have a special flair, no matter if it is an unbroken illuminated surface or individual illuminated tiles which are integrated into the floor and create brilliant accents.

A particularly sophisticated appearance of the illuminated floor is achieved by a homogeneous and even lighting effect. If several illuminated tiles are joined together, the individual elements should illuminate the area to the edge of the surface in order to avoid optical interruptions of the emitted light. Additionally it must be ensured that the LEDs of all combined illuminated tiles are compatible as far as colour is concerned, regardless whether RGB or white light is used.

This is of course the case with Lightpanel floor. An additional advantage is the minimal thickness of the panels which ranges between 30 and 40 mm - if Lightpanel slim is used a thickness of only 15 mm is possible. The size of the individual illuminated surfaces can be arbitrarily selected - up to a maximum size of 3000 mm x 1000 mm - free forms are also possible.



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