Illuminated board in Novotel Centre Ville - Nuremberg/Germany

Plexiglas® TV - Lightfloor

Designpanel - LED Lightwall

Bent lightwall by Designpanel, consisting of 24 Lightpanel frameless with LEDs in RGB. Each light element can be individually controlled creating a myriad of lighting options.

Designpanel - Lightpanel iso: a Transparent Wall of Light With Changing Colours

Lightpanel iso is a seemingly normal transparent glass pane turning into a coloured light wall at the push of a button, brilliant, semi-transparent, changing the colours in a soft rhythm. Homogeneously illuminated insulating glass panels, stable, moisture resistant. Yet light and delicate.

Designpanel - Lightpanel floor at an Exhibition Stand at the Geneva Car Show 2011

Each Lightpanel floor RGB used for this floor has a size of one square metre. Revolving stages with a diameter of 5 metres were precisely fitted between them. Used by limousines and walked on by thousands of visitors. A 186 square metre highlight at the Geneva Car Show.

Designpanel - Lightpanel floor in RGB: the Workshop Test Run

 LED Lightpanel floor tiles in RGB. Each light element can be individually controlled.

Plexiglas® TV - Light installation at a tram stop