Queen of the Oceans

Project:       Interior fittings of the yacht AB 116, presented at the Boatshow Genova 2013
Product:      Invision birch, fern, blade, beargrass
Planning:    FIPA Group, Viareggio, Italy; www.abyachts.com


The Italian producer of luxurious yachts FIPA presented the new 36 metres model at the boatshow in Genova, the AB 116. The yacht has the hull and the superstructure in two different tones of gray and is based on the idea of navigating at high speed without compromising comfort.  Inside the yacht, elegant white and gray colors predominate. A feature common to all cabins, that makes them unique is the motif of the headboard; Invision panels with blades of grass and leaves of ferns decorate in different ways, but with continuity, each cabin. In the Master Suite, the same decoration has even more space: further to the headboard, Invision birch is on the sliding door of the bathroom and on the partition between shower and bedroom.

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