Surface Materials

A product range which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Our Design Panels are made of high quality plastics and create unique rooms. Their translucence is an invitation to play with light and is the ideal supplement to our LED light product Lightpanel which offers many alternatives.

Invision thrills through exceptional effects – they are created by embedding decorative materials in transparent plastics. With Wavepanel three-dimensional and relief-like structures are touching and appealing to the senses. The velvety, satined surface of Iceplex has an exceptionally elegant appearance while Aquaplex is simply unbeatable as far as strength and stability are concerned. Another product on the basis of Iceplex is Mesh Art: Panels or ceiling sails with a fascinating mesh structure which offer a great variety of application possibilities.

Want to know more? In order to help you to become even more familiar with our products we offer samples of our surface materials.

Our Newest Product Development: Colorvision

  • Made of PETG (Fire Protection Class B1)
  • Available in 16 standard colours or individual colours
  • Producible in all RAL- or PANTONE-colours
  • Available in 3 variations: transparent, translucent or opaque
  • 6 surface finishes can be choosen
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

New In Our Product Range: Authentic Panels

  • Panels made of wood, recycled woods, metals, also mixed with fabric and other materials
  • All panels are handcrafted – each panel is unique
  • For wall- or ceiling-mounting
  • Available in standard size or in individual dimensions as required by your project
  • Fire Protection Class B2; B1-certified panels on request


  • Translucent panels with embedded organic materials, fabrics or metal
  • Made of PETG (Fire Protection Class B1)
  • The running direction can be choosen
  • Individual inlays are possible
  • Surfaces with different structures


  • Threedimensional relief-like surface
  • In three different structures
  • Translucent
  • Made of acrylic glass or solid surface materials
  • Weatherproof and long-lasting
  • Available in Fire Protection Class B1 (solid surface material)
  • Food-safe


  • Acrylic glass satinised on both sides
  • Exceptional beautiful colours
  • Weatherproof; very suitable for outdoor applications
  • Food-safe


  • Acrylic glass (PMMA)
  • Clear material with a colour-coated backside
  • Massive, with an enorm load bearing capacity
  • Up to a thickness of 40 mm
  • Matted surface that can be refinished
  • Weatherproof
  • Food-safe

Mesh Art

  • Mesh elements made out of acrylic glass
  • Strips of Iceplex formed into waves are interwoven with rods and fixed by frames
  • Light and stable
  • High stiffness
  • UV-resistant, suitable for outdoor use

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 Surface Materials


  • Sample boxes
  • Single samples
  • Surface chains
  • Iceplex colour chains

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Highest Variety for Your Projects ...

In Addition to Our Own Product Portfolio We Offer Materials of Other Producers:

acrylic couture®

  • Translucent Panels made of cast acrylic glass (PMMA) with embedded materials
  • Extravagant inlays
  • Material composition with unique nanoparticles
  • With a special 3-D-effect


  • Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent SAN core
  • Lightweight, stiffness, translucency
  • Available in thicknesses up to ...
  • Offered in various finishes for different applications
  • Weatherproof