Nature is Part of the Design

Project: Dermatologistic practice
Product: Bent counter panelling and additional decorative room elements made of Invision bear grass
Planning: Gruschwitz GmbH, Munic
Photographer: Xaver Lockau


Invision bear grass room dividers structure the different areas of the medical practice and create an effect because of their transparency and lightness. With the wild grasses inlayed by hand each panel is unique. Because of the embedded natural materials an inspiration of natural, well-tolerable products is instilled while at the same time creating a lively contrast to the cool atmosphere of the practice. The idea behind it: In order to capture the round shapes and elements of the interior decoration, bent Invision panels were used. The reception counter alludes to organic shapes as well.  Invision bear grass shaped round was also used as counter panelling and partial room divider..

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