Museum Objects

Project: Museum of Natural History in Vienna; redesign of the Anthropology Division and the Hall of Meteorites
Products:  Lightpanels cover, slim, original and individual as lighting for show cases and cabinets
Planning support / realisation: Licht hoch 2 GmbH, Hemau
Building of the showcases: Sehner GmbH, Deckenpfronn


The lighting concept was of great importance when redesigning two very important divisions of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. Especially developed illuminated cabinets communicate condensed knowledge by means of text and images while at the same time presenting the exhibits. Needless to say that the requirements in view of colour fidelity and homogeneity were high and only a special Lightpanel version developed by us met these challenging requirements. Among others, custom made Lightpanels slim with a thickness of only 15 mm were used. The tops of the high cabinets in the Hall of Meteorites consist of Lightpanel cover. Some of them are provided with borings to allow the installation of spotlights.

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