Mesh Art
Intelligent acrylic network

Mesh Art

Fascinating mesh elements out of acrylic glass. The aesthetics of three-dimensional mesh structures appeals to our senses. Mesh Art – these innovative and versatile products made of acrylic glass are the result of traditional craftsmanship, applied to modern materials coupled with a straightforward design.

Schiebetür aus Mesh Art

Properties and Applications

The basis for Mesh Art is Iceplex: Strips of high quality, translucent acrylic glass satined on both sides create the mesh. Formed into waves the strips are interwoven with metal rods or rods made of acrylic glass and stabilised in elegant frame structures. Owing to their woven structure Mesh Art elements have a high stability, are extremely sturdy, and at the same time are surprisingly lightweight. They can be used indoors as room divider, sliding door element or as decorative ceiling sail. Outdoors they are the perfect protection against view, wind and sun. Mesh Art is UV resistant and easy to clean.

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Mesh Art – Product Variety

Mesh Art is available in various versions, sizes and colours – the use of transparent acrylic glass or other plastic materials is also possible. We offer elegant frames out of aluminium or stainless steel. Each element is unique and hand-made in Germany, the production process is protected.

By the way: Mesh Art is especially beautiful in combination with light. Individual illumination can create interesting effects – a large design spectrum is created in connection with LED lighting technology such as Lightpanel or Wallwasher.

Intelligent Solutions for Facades

Because of excellent product properties Mesh Art is not only a visual highlight:

When used outdoors the characteristic liveliness of the three-dimensional mesh is beautifully accentuated by the play with light and shadow – at the same time the mesh structure ensures high stability despite its little self-weight. Mesh Art is light-resistant, hail-resistant and weatherproof and therefore perfectly suitable for the use on facades – as moveable shading element, wind protection or for parapets. It does not have to be treated with surface protection and stays beautiful for many decades.

Mesh Art Verschattungselemente

Mesh Art Ceiling Sails

Mesh Art ceiling sails fascinate by their delicate lightness. They appear to be floating in the room, spherical, transparent and subdued. Only when emphasized by light – white or coloured - they become a conspicuous eye catcher in every environment. One ceiling mesh is quite appealing, however, they also create great effects if grouped together.

Mesh Art Deckensegel


Mesh Art ceiling meshes consist of several strips of bent Iceplex which are entwined with transparent acrylic glass tubes. Transparent PETG end pieces secure and stabilize the structure, The ceiling sails can be attached to ceilings in various ways: with stainless steel rope suspensions, on chains or  - owing to their low weight – even with transparent decorative threads.

The Mesh Art Brochure

 Examples for application possibilities

View and wind protection

Sliding door panel element

Mesh Art shading and parapet elements

Shading elements made of Mesh Art Heatstop

View and wind protection

Ceiling sail

Ceiling sail