Meetings in Beautiful Surroundings

Project: Design of the reception area of the Sala da Feltre in the conference centre Ecomap in Rome
Product: Invision stem, fading
Project Designer: Studio di Architettura Gentile – Lancieri, Roma
Planning / Designpanel Foreign Distributor Italy: Archimarket – New Surfaces, Roma;
Realisation: Allu-Team srl; San Cesareo(RM)


Dividing elements consisting of translucent Invision stem give the rooms of the modern congress centre in the heart of Rome their very special touch. Since the green raffia blades inside the panels were arranged so that they appear to be fading, a part of the upper area of the panels remains completely transparent and allows the penetration of lots of light, whereas the bottom part is almost opaque so that, at the most, silhouettes can be recognized. The front and the sides of the reception counter were also designed using Invision stem. Here the translucent panel is backlit from the top by means of a light strip.

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