Luxury Shopping Strip with Tradition

Project: GUM-Sublime; Aviator Watch Store at the GUM, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Client: Volmax Group LTD, Russland
Product: Lightgraphic elements as transparent illuminated panels and as presentation shelves in the show cases.


An excellent location - Moscow, Red Square, immediately across from the Kremlin. Since 1893 this has been the location of the famous department store GUM. Intended to be Europe’s largest retail establishment, it experienced a period of prosperity during pre-revolutionary times. Much later it became the flagship department store of the Soviet Republic and now again is one of Moscow’s most sophisticated shopping centres. Remarkable illuminated advertising elements have recently started to attract attention. A large wall made of Lightgraphic decorated with aeronautical images illuminated in orange welcomes the visitors of the sales booth of the watch brand Aviator. Also the showcases for the watches are illuminated by Lightgraphic. Here the presentation shelves consist of transparent acrylic glass panels with illuminated images; the display supports for the watches are directly attached to them.  

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