Lightpanel twin - The Lightpanel with Two Illuminated Surfaces

Lightpanel twin

Lightpanel twin has two homogeneously illuminated visible surfaces. A satined acrylic glass sheet is attached to the front and back and the illuminating power of the LEDs is evenly distributed on both outer surfaces. This version is ideal for suspended signs visible from two sides or as free-standing stele at the point of sale. The advertising messages on the front and back may vary. For example, the message could be digitally printed directly onto the panel or films could be applied. It is also suitable for guidance systems as information sign illuminated on both sides.

Lightpanel twin
The Lightpanel with two illuminated surfaces


Special frame structure with attached diffusion panels on the front and on the back.


Maximum size 3000 x 800 mm, minimum depth 32 mm.

Special sizes and shapes on request