Lightpanel slim - Extremely Flat and Stable

Lightpanel slim

Our most versatile product: Lightpanel slim with its low structural depth of only 15 mm. Lightpanel slim offers convincing results even in its maximum size of 3000 x 800 mm because of its homogeneous illuminating power. Our flattest Lightpanel is, for example, suitable for backlighting if only limited space is available or also as an ideal ultra flat alternative for the installation in floors. One of its additional advantages are the various possibilities for further processing. Lightpanel slim is suitable for geometric shapes, free forming and thermally bent objects.

Lightpanel slim in cool white

Application examples


Low structural depth of 15 mm, load bearing capacity up to 350 kg/m²; suitable for free forming. With Slim cool white corresponds to 6.300K. If a frame structure is available Lightpanel slim can be installed on walls and ceilings.


Maximum size 3000 x 800 mm, depth 15 mm.

Special sizes and shapes on request.