Lightpanel plus - The Symbiosis of Light and Fantasy

Lightpanel plus Wavepanel

Lightpanel plus offers a myriad of options which are made possible by combining Lightpanel frameless with translucent decorative materials. Due to the reciprocal effect of both components there is a wide spectrum of light moods. Rooms have a different atmosphere depending on the mood or occasion. Cool or warm light, monochrome or RGB colours will create quite different effects. There is hardly a limit to creativity as far as translucent decorative panels are concerned. Some possibilities are shown here.

Lightpanel plus
Lightpanel in combination with a Design-Panel = Lightpanel plus

Application examples


The visible surface consists of a translucent decorative panel either embedded in or mounted on a frame.


Maximum size 3000 x 1200 mm, minimum depth 36 mm.

Special sizes and shapes on request