Lightpanel iso ... Glass Walls Out of Coloured Light

Lightpanel iso, Projekt in Augsburg

It's like magic – a seemingly normal transparent glass pane turns into a coloured light wall at the push of a button, brilliant, semi-transparent, changing the colours in a soft rhythm ... that's Lightpanel iso. Homogeneously illuminated insulating glass panels, stable, moisture resistant. yet light and delicate. Lightpanel iso can be used outdoors and indoors, a myriad of applications are possible. Partition panels, room dividers, light steles or large illuminated surfaces outdoors are only some of the options. Lightpanel iso is energy-efficient, sustainable and highly recyclable. 

Lightpanel iso, ausgeschaltet und eingeschaltet
Lightpanel iso switched off (picture above) and switched on (picture below)

Lightpanel iso is an innovative LED flat light embedded in insulating glass – due to a newly developed process. As the light is fed in through the edges a completely homogenous illumination is realized and this with a maximum size of 1,000 x 3,000 mm. Lightpanel iso amazes with its absolute transparency – only when it is activated a visible colored light field appears. Furthermore, the glass protects against wetness and dust.


Insulating glass pane with embedded sidelight emitting panel, transparent or with opaque back panel.

Lightpanel iso – Variations

Transparent and illuminated on both sides.

Suitable as room divider or light stele. With the appropriate frame structure also suitable as window or installed in facades.

Structure: Transparent glass panels in the front and in the back, transparent light conducting panel centrally embedded. (See above drawing)

If high thermal insulation is required triple glazing is recommended. This will increase the total thickness to approx. 50 - 70 mm depending on the required insulating value.

On request, LEDs are available in white, monochrome or in RGB with colour change control system.



Lightpanel iso transparent, beidseitig leuichtend

Application examples

Lightpanel iso blickdicht

Opaque. Illuminated on One or Two Sides.

Especially suitable for signage: Illuminated on one side for walls and facades, illuminated on both sides as illuminated stele or "hanging sign".

Structure: The version which is illuminated on both sides has translucent glass panels which are imprinted or laminated with a film.

Illuminated on one side: The front panel is imprinted or laminated, the back panel is opaque.

Cost efficient because of the low energy consumption, sustainable and maintenance free for many years.

As Engraved Light.

Suitable as decorative element in advertising and where ever exceptional light effects are desired.

Letters or images engraved in the sidelight emitting panel create interesting effects. The engraved lines are extremely brilliant (in the example combined with print)

By the way... the light installation of the artist Rita Kriege functions on the basis of this principle.


Lightpanel iso transparent, als Gravurlicht