Function of our Lightpanels

Lightpanel Aufbau - Explosionszeichnung

Modular Structure Using Lightpanel original as an Example

Because of its modular design Lightpanel is suitable for a myriad of applications. A large variety of individual components guarantees a flexible structure suitable for various fields of application. Key elements of the design are different plastic panels held by an aluminium frame, which also serves as support for the LEDs and as cooling element. This frame, which is made from anodized aluminium, on the back has sliding blocks in a Halfen channel for fixing and offers a wide range of possibilities for fast and flexible assembly. Depending on the type and application of Lightpanel different designs of aluminium frames are available. Inserted in the frame are backup strips with high performance LEDs, a side light emitting sheet, backed-up by a reflector panel, and a diffusion sheet on the surface.


1 | anodized aluminium frame

2 | reflecting rear panel

3 | side light emitting sheet

4 | diffusion sheet on the surface

5 | strips with high performance LEDs

6 | Halfen channel with sliding blocks

7 | angle connector

Physical Principle

LED light bands illuminate a sidelight emitting panel via the edge. The special feature of this panel is microscopic diffusers cast into the panel distributing the light to both panel surfaces. Additionally, the rear panel reflects the light toward the front side of the Lightpanel. Here an additional diffuser disk, which at the same time is the face of the Lightpanel, ensures an absolutely homogeneous light distribution on the surface. The aluminium frame serves as holder for the light emitting diodes and as passive cooling element for the lighting technology.

Lichtverteilung des Lightpanels


Lighting Technology

The consistent high quality, brilliance and long life of our Lightpanel products is the result of the use of high-quality materials - and their special combination. Only high-performance diodes with multi-chip technology are used which have an average life of 50,000 hours.

In case of LED edge lighting the advantages of the LED technology are applied to the maximum extent. Contrary to conventional backlighting, we install the LEDs in the frame only. As a result of this intelligent structure we can realise the illumination of surfaces using just a few LEDs. The advantages become obvious when taking a look at the operating costs and also the energy balance. Maximum cost effectiveness through the optimized use of LEDs.

LEDs - Colour and Quality

The use of the best components is the basis for our exceptional quality for which we offer 24 months warranty. Lightpanel is available in warm white and cool white luminous colour and the monochromatic colours red, green, blue and orange, as well as with individually controllable RGB luminous diodes.

Our especially selected LEDs are sorted according to colour point which achieves an excellent colour reproduction. We record the LEDs installed in each delivered Lightpanel so that in case they need to be replaced at a later date the same binning will be used.

Lightpanel Lichtfarben

Plexiglas TV - Ein Film über unsere Lightpanel-Produktion