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What is Lightpanel?

Lightpanels are customised LED surface lights which emit light homogeneously. They connect efficient lighting technology with modern design and offer, owing to their flat structure of only 30 mm, a wide range of design possibilities.

To know how it works... click on the picture

Lightpanels are extremely variable: The modular design allows various features and their use on walls, ceilings or floors. All sizes between 200 x 200 mm and 2000 x 3000 mm are possible. White light or a wide range of colours? Lightpanels are available in the light colours warm and cold white, monochrome or with individually controllable RGB colour gradients (red/green/blue).

Recognized Quality

Lightpanel is quality “made in Germany”. All products are developed and manufactured in our own production facilities in Germany according to your special requirements. Latest production technologies allow the realization of the most demanding design concepts. Our production processes are subject to continuous quality control, the materials used meet the highest standards and the LEDs are always state-of-the-art.

The design is convincing: In 2010 Lightpanel original was recognized with the iF material award, in 2012 Lightpanel iso received the award in gold and was nominated for the German Design Award 2013.

Lightpanel as Wall Element - Accent Lighting or Completely Illuminated Wall

Different versions are available for the installation on walls: The basic model of the entire Lightpanel-family is Lightpanel original, its illuminated acrylic surface enclosed by a minimalist aluminium frame.

Lightpanel frameless appears to have no frame. There is no circumferential edge on the surface. An alternative allowing exceptional design solutions.

Both models can be combined with translucent decorative panels like Invision and Wavepanel: Our Lightpanel plus offers a myriad of design possibilities.

For especially large illuminated walls we offer Backlight tex, a light box with direct LED backlighting, its surface consisting of stretch material.

Lightpanel frameless RGB (LEDs in Mischfarben) als strahlende Leuchtwand
Colour changing light wall made of Lightpanel frameless RGB

Deckenlicht aus Lightpanel cover und Lightpanel individual mit Farbwechsel
Ceiling light consisting of Lightpanel cover and Lightpanel individual with changing colours

Lightpanels - from Ceiling Light to Light Ceiling

Our most elegant solution for ceilings is Lightpanel cover. Lightpanel original or frameless is encased by a hood made of acrylic glass which can be almost invisibly connected by screws. An alternative for highest design demands since, because of the covered frame, the illuminated surface completely disappears when switched off - and creates a surprising impression as an attractive ceiling light when switched on.

But also Lightpanel original can be installed overhead because of the circumferential frame in which the vision panel is firmly embedded. 

Backlight tex with direct LED backlighting offers solutions for especially large illuminated ceilings.

Lightpanel - as Light Tile or Light Floor

Lightpanel floor was especially developed for the installation in floor structures. Its improved structure allows a bearing capacity of up to 350 kg/m². Complex double floors are not required since the flat design permits a low structure thickness. Whether you plan a small light surface or large-scale illuminated floor – Lightpanel always offers convincing solutions because of its countless creative possibilities.

If an even flatter structure is required Lightpanel slim is the answer. It is our most versatile alternative: only 15 mm thick and suitable for many processing technologies. It can be formed into bent shapes by thermoforming, but is also suitable for geometric shapes and free forming. 

Lichtboden aus Lightpanel floor mit integrierten Drehbühnen
Light tiles and revolving stages made of Lightpanel floor in RGB

Lichtwand aus Lightpanel splash im Regen
Light wall in the rain ... Lightpanel splash withstands wind and weather.

Lightpanels for Humid Environments

For environments with a high air humidity and splash water we developed Lightpanel splash  which is the perfect alternative for outdoor use. Lightpanel splash is also ideal as a lighting element for creating appealing effects in bathrooms or wellness, pool and sauna environments. An acrylic glass hood serves as protection against the penetration of moisture. Additionally the LEDs are also provided with a special moisture protection.

If an even higher level of protection against the weather, dust, dirt and wetness is required, the solution is Lightpanel iso: Homogeneously illuminated insulated glass panels which are stable and moisture resistant but at the same time light and delicate. Lightpanel iso is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, there is a myriad of application possibilities. Partition walls, room dividers, light steles or large illuminated surfaces outdoors are only some of the options.

Lightpanel as Means of Presentation

Lightpanel picture is a high class solution to present digital prints on translucent material. Perfectly illuminated as well as fast and easily exchangeable. A transparent anti-reflection panel made of acrylic glass protects the picture and ensures a large viewing angle without annoying reflections. Lightpanel picture holds the pictures by a removable magnetic frame.

The front of Lightpanel tex consists of a fabric covering diffusing the light. It can be printed in brilliant colours and, owing to circumferential cord edge which is inserted in the aluminium profile, the fabric can be easily attached and removed.

A very special solution is Lightpanel twin with two homogeneously illuminated visible surfaces. This alternative is ideal as suspended sign or free-standing stele which can be viewed from both sides at a point of sale. The advertising messages can be different on the front and back.



Auswechselbare Drucke perfekt hinterleuchtet mit Lightpanel picture
Digital prints perfectly illuminated as well as fast and easily exchangeable.

Lightpanel individual: thermisch geformte Lichttheke
Lightpanel individual: thermo-formed illuminated bar with changing colours

Unique Lighting Solutions with Lightpanel

Realisation with: Lightpanel individual

Exceptional cuts, bent shapes, three-dimensional structures – much is possible with Lightpanel individual.  With Lightpanel individual the  most creative ideas of architects, designers and lighting designers become reality. We develop and realise special solutions - starting with the design, followed by project management, the installation and the handing over of the completed luminous object. We attend to our customers from  A to Z and develop unique solutions for various requirements together with them. Our broad performance range comprises laser cutting, engraving, CNC machining, thermoforming as well as the bonding of all kinds of plastics. This way your Lightpanel project will be realised by one source.

Our planning team will be glad to assist you.