About Invision

Invision Panels are highly individualistic. Many different alternatives are possible for each Inlay:
Panel size and thickness, surface structure and also the colour for several decors. With many inlays there is a choice between one or two layers. The running direction is also variable.
On request we will cut your panel to the exact dimension you require and will finish the edges to suit the application you intend.
For this reason we need you to provide exact information when placing the order so that we can create your Invision panel to meet your requirements.
Manufacturing the panel usually takes two to three weeks.

Invision Aufbau, Explosionszeichnung
Invision Schichtaufbau

Structure of an Invision Panel

Organic materials, fabrics or metals are manually aligned on a PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) panel and then covered with an additional PETG panel. A layer of inlays can be placed on the panels which is again covered with PETG. In this case we speak about  two-layer Invision. Once everything is perfectly positioned the panels are heated treated  and rolled in a vacuum which bonds the materials - without adding any chemical substances.

The surface finish is already created during this production stage. 




Figures: Layer composition of two-layer Invision jungle, below: Cross section of layers and finished product

Design Features

One layer or two layers


In case of more casually arranged inlays, several layers of the materials on different levels are an interesting option. For grass or bamboo rod inlays choose between one or two layers:

One layer: better visibility, possible panel thickness starting at 6 mm

Two layers: the inlay is more dense, at the same time the three-dimensional structure enhances the effect of the optical depth (starting at 10 mm).

Bambusstäbchen einreihig in PETG eingebettet
Invision bamboo - one layer
Bambusstäbchen zweireihig in PETG eingebettet
Invision bamboo - two layers

Invision Laufrichtung parallel zur langen Kante
Invision Panel with running direction parallel to the long edge
Invision Laufrichtung parallel zur kurzen Kante
Invision Panel with running direction parallel to the short edge

Running direction


This information is important in connection with Inlays which have a "longitudinal structure“ such as grasses, twigs or rods. The "correct" running direction depends on the type of the intended application. 


Two options are possible:

Running direction parallel to the long edge

Running direction parallel to the short edge


Fabrics must always be inlaid parallel to the long edge

Surfaces (Finish)


Six different surface finishes are available.

Different surfaces can be selected for the front and back.

Some surfaces are especially suitable in case of heavy use. Please talk to us in case of doubt!

The surfaces high gloss and classic allow a clear visibility in case of casually arranged inlays, other alternatives are translucent and may also serve as privacy screen.

classic: Smooth surface with a slight shine.

patina matt: A light satin finish makes the Inlays visually less prominent.

pearl: Fine pearl structure. Suitable also for heavier use.

high gloss: High lustre. Not suitable for heavy use.

sandstone: A finish with a structure similar to "pearl", but still finer. 

frosted: Uneven structure resembling ice.

(for further information please click on the pictures)

Kante schnittfein
Kante fräsfein
Kante mit Umleimer
edge banding

Edge Finishes


These types are possible:

Cut: the standard type (saw-cut)

Milled: a visually smooth edge without grooves. (against extra charge)

Edge banding: The cutting edges are covered with a strip of transparent PETG. Very sophisticated appearance while offering protection against moisture at the same time. Coloured edge banding is also possible. (against extra charge)

 "Fade-out" Decor


A very decorative alternative which is especially suitable for inlays made of grasses, twigs, leaves or blossoms. (without extra charge)

For this purpose please state the exact dimensions you desire, I. e. which portion of the panel should remain free and which portions should be covered with more of the material used as inlay. For best results provide a sketch. (See example on the right). We recommend single layer inlays if "fade out" decor is desired and "pearl" or "sandstone" as surface finish.

Darstellung von Invision auslaufend
example with running direction parallel to the short edge

Invision mit farbigem Hintergrund: weiß
Thai green with white background
Invision mit farbigem Hintergrund: blau
...with blue background
Invision mit farbigem Hintergrund: schwarz
... with black background

Opaque or with Additional Colour Effect


Initially all Invision panels are transparent. Depending on the inlay and surface they are more or less transparent, but they are always translucent. If an opaque panel is desired or if a special effect is to be achieved the following versions are possible:

- a background panel made of PETG in white or black

- laminated with a coloured film

- digitally imprinted with an almost unlimited range of colours

Folded Joint


For large-scale applications several Invision panels can be joined together inconspicuously.

Especially with lively inlays like "jungle" or "bamboo", folded joints in the running direction become almost invisible.

Verbindung zweier Invision-Panels
folded joint on one side ...
Verbindung zweier Invision-Panels
... and on the other

Additional Options

UV Protection

In case of strong exposure to light or direct sunlight an additional UV protection prevents the yellowing of the panel.


Moisture Protection

The primary material PETG is generally water and weatherproof. However if natural materials or fabrics are inlaid into Invision, moisture may penetrate through the open cutting edge. In order to prevent this all cutting edges must be protected by means of edge banding.



On request we will prefabricate your panel to the extent that the only thing you have left to do is to install it. We will cut it to dimension or will thermoform it for you .


Your Unique Panel

It is possible to create very special inlays according to your ideas. Provide us with the material of your choice and we will test if your material is suitable as inlay. Only a test will show whether the material is suitable for the process.