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Each Design Panel is Unique ...

Invision is pure design. Organic materials, cool metal or mellow textiles, embedded in transparent plastic. The pre-requisite for this innovative material bonding is the special rolling technique developed by us. The numerous surface design possibilities and further processing of these top quality panels made from polyester (PETG) give you a considerable scope for your application.

Different effects can be created to your liking and to fulfil your application purpose during the production of an Invision panel. Digital printing in virtually unlimited variety of colours enables to create an individual design to your projects. It is also possible to insert the multi-layer material inlays at different levels. This type of three-dimensional effect intensifies the visual depth effect. Our Invision panels are made opaque by their white laminated background. They produce a fascinating room lighting design solution when used in combination with our Lightpanels.

There are numerous designs to choose from in our product range such as naturetechno or effects. Special inlays can also be used upon request.

Available Inlays:

The New Product Range

The product line Invision was extended again. New, creative decors in the categories nature and effects supplement the existing product range and provide inspirations for unusual ideas and design solutions. The new dazzling Invision designs are a riot of exciting ideas. Amazing new materials draw a line from minimalist and stringent designs to designs that will touch you emotionally.

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The varieties found in nature are our inspiration. All of our panels in our nature line are produced using original organic materials, so that their transient elegancy is permanently captured inside lasting plastic.

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Metals are the theme of this product line. Cool gloss and unusual structures give the products a futuristic touch and make them innovative components of modern interior decoration.

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Exceptional high-tech materials as design element for sophisticated design ideas were the underlying thought when “effects” was created. For “matrix” fine glass fibre fabric is integrated into transparent plastic. More products of the product line “effects” will be available in the near future…

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You have a very particular idea of what your Invision panel could look like? Then make the desired elements available to us for embedding and together with us create your own personal Invision. For example, you can forge a direct reference to your company with products or materials representing your firm – ideal for advertising drives or for designing your firm’s premises.

Decorative elements for creative room design are generated through the insertion of fabrics. Complete fitment concepts can be realized in this way – for example with Invision as an element in sliding doors, matched to curtains or furniture fabrics. Simply supply us with the desired fabric – and we will embed it.


Here are a few examples of individual designs:

bottle caps
wood pellets
loom rings

The Invision Brochure

The Invision product range and further information - PDF

  Projects and Application Examples

Invision weed red

Partition wall consisting of Invision twigs white

Trennwand aus Invision jungle
Invision jungle and Lightpanel frameless

Bettkopfteil aus Lightpanel twin plus Invision feather
Invision feather combined with lightpanel twin

Thermo-formed partition made of Invision silver sticks

Invision Schiebetürenschrank
Invision beargrass with black fond

Invision Special Solutions
Kronkorken eingebettet in Invision-Panel

A variety of special designs, tested inlays or special customer requirements

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