Illuminated Ceilings – Cheerfully Colourful

Projekt: Aquatic Center AQUASUD, Differdingen, Luxemburg
Products: 36 round Lightpanels in combination with non-illuminated, otherwise identical panels are grouped to form colourful illuminated ceilings. Circular Iceplex discs in the same colours were used as shelves.
Planning: M3 Architectes S.A.,
Realisation: The shelf system was constructed by Tischlerei (Cabinet Maker) Hubert Schmitt,Welschbillig-Ittel; Technical development and design of the illuminated ceilings: Designpanel
Photographers: Christof Weber, Luxemburg; Tischlerei Hubert Schmitt,Welschbillig-Ittel


The pool for small children at the leisure pool AQUASUD was designed using an illuminated ceiling structure specifically developed for this purpose. Two large oval cut-outs above the paddling pool are filled with bright, round ceiling elements and, according to the architect, are supposed to create reminiscences of huge dinosaur eggs with green, blue and white spots. They consist of special design Lightpanels slim, which are splash water resistant and mounted to the ceiling on several levels. The stainless steel suspensions were a special challenge because specific requirements regarding the structural physics had to be met.

A shelf system consisting of circular elements was designed as depositing rack which, at the same time, serves as a room divider. The same material was used for both, the depositing rack and the colourful Lightpanels - coloured Iceplex. The green and blue children's area creates a brilliantly illuminated island in contrast to the otherwise subtle homogeneous colour concept of the building.

An additional light installation consisting of round ceiling Lightpanels was installed in the remaining area.

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