the magic of colour


Our Iceplex line is made from high-quality acrylic glass that is satinised on both sides. This lends a frozen effect to white materials. Coloured Iceplex will remind you of the soft tones of mellow, fruity sorbets. They are distinguished by their versatile design options and fulfil the highest visual demands.

The really significant character in the object design is created by the velvety light diffusion, which appeals the spectator and seduces him to touch the surface. Iceplex is available in many impressive colours and in maximum sizes up to 3050 x 2030 mm and sheet thicknesses up to 20 mm. The scratch-resistant surface ensures a long service life.

Examples of application possibilities

Lichtskulptur aus Iceplex-Würfeln
Light installation with with white Iceplex-cubes, illuminated in changing colours