Green Light for Nuremberg’s North

Project: Signage consisting of illuminated panels and illuminated walls for the outside area of the Air Campus in Nuremberg
Product: Lightpanel splash RGB in various sizes, in part consecutively arranged to form illuminated walls with a length of several metres, some having a special design with wavelike light conducting engravings and replaceable logos and lettering made of acrylic glass attached to the surface.
Realisation: axis Gmbh & Co. KG, Nürnberg
Photographer: Thomas Kehrberger, Designpanel GmbH


The signage illuminated in green of the “Air Campus” located in the northern part of Nuremberg will certainly not be overlooked at night. Large illuminated walls send out clear signals already from afar while the impressive building itself with its bent, mirrored facade is hardly visible in the dark. Large illuminated surfaces are installed at all entrances along the wavelike facade of the futuristic business park. They consist of aligned, homogeneously illuminated Lightpanels splash with splash guards. Their special feature: Inside the panels engraved lines are additionally illuminated. The curve of these lines picks up the wavelike design of the building.

The three-dimensional lettering, company logos and the illuminated words “Air Campus” are mounted to the surface of the Lightpanel – they consist of partially printed coloured acrylic glass.  

In broad daylight the lighting effect diminishes. With their white satined Iceplex surface the Lightpanels are now recognized as elegant white signs.

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