Eye Catcher in Green

Project: Extension of the surgery of general practitioner Dr. med. Bettina Tunze, Leipzig
Product: Invision weed green, surface finish “patina matte”
Planning and Realisation: Geilert GmbH, Leisnig


Decorating additional rented rooms for the surgery offered the opportunity to also redecorate the reception and waiting area. The idea was to create a modern and bright interior mainly in white. Another requirement was to again integrate the aquarium as an eye catcher. As desired, the aquarium was positioned at a central location in the waiting area where it plays a central role in connection with the interior decoration since the lively green of the plants in the aquarium is repeated as brilliant contrasting colour in the translucent screen elements made of Invision weed green. Nothing disturbs the impression of airiness because the panels are integrated into the separating walls without frames. Only two thin aluminium profiles were used to join two elements. 

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