Exhilarating Colours for an Illuminated Wall

Project: Omnia Office Building, Nuremberg, Casino
Product: Illuminated wall consisting of ten Lightpanels frameless RGB, each element has a size of 1200 mm x 3000 mm x 40 mm.
Planning / Realisation: LICHT Zentrale Lichtgroßhandel GmbH, Ansbach


The ten loosely arranged Lightpanels illuminate in the long corridor to the casino of the publishing company. The individual Lightpanels are screwed to metal brackets allowing a small gap between panel and wall. The brackets, in turn, are attached to the ceiling and floor. Each illuminated surface can be controlled individually, so that the appearance of the wall can be changed as desired – all Lightpanels in one colour or different colours, static or illuminated in changing colours – always a spectacular sight!

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