Blossoms and Twigs

Project: Schloss Pharmacy in Roth; Interior design with sliding doors, movable window display boxes and screen elements made of Invision
Products: Invision twigs mix, Invision flowerfield PETG white
Planning: Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitekt Herbert Heger, Nürnberg
Realisation: Schreinerei Eder, Wendelstein
Photographer: Thomas Kehrberger, Designpanel GmbH


Design is always considered excellent if it not only has a perfect appearance but is also well thought-out just like these store construction elements made of different Invision products. Invision twigs mix and the surface finish sandstone were used for the window display boxes and screen walls which serve as separation between the windows and the interior room. The panels with embedded twigs are translucent but at the same a perfect screen. The boxes and screen walls are conveniently installed in such a manner that they can be turned and opened. The display windows can, therefore, be quickly and easily redecorated. Invision flowerfield with a back made of white PETG was used for the part of the pharmacy which is not open for the public. Three opaque sliding doors hide the contents of a large wall cabinet.

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