An Office with a Special Atmosphere

Project: Administration building of Samhammer AG, Weiden
Product: Lightpanel frameless combined with Invision birch as illuminated columns and as illuminated writing boards which can be switched from neutral white to colourful light.
Photos: Samhammer AG, Weiden


The best atmosphere for creative brainstorming: The meeting rooms of the newly designed administration building are equipped with 2.5 metre high Lightpanels which serve as illuminated whiteboards. Together with appropriate markers the Lightpanel can be used just like any ordinary whiteboard. If the whiteboards are not required the light can be switched over to RGB and pre-programmed colour sequences can be selected. Pleasant ambient light will then fill the room. In the open plan offices and training rooms distributed over three storeys the columns were panelled with Lightpanel frameless RGB and combined with Invision birch. An especially beautiful effect is created by embedding the birch twigs in manner so that they appear to be fading away.

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