A Screen as Illuminated Object

Project: Illuminated wall as optical separation towards the cloak room at the restaurant Estragon  in Nuremberg
Product: Lightpanel twin with LEDs in warm white plus Invision jungle in two rows with a layer of PETG white
Photographer: Thomas Kehrberger, Designpanel GmbH  


The Lightpanel twin element illuminated on both sides is room-high and approximately 1.5 metres wide. The front side facing the restaurant serves as screen unostentatiously hiding the cloakroom, the illuminated back surface brightens the windowless room. Both surfaces are made of Invision jungle with soft backlighting. The deep green of Invision jungle corresponds to the green colour of tarragon, one of the most important herbs of the French cuisine. The restaurant was named after this herb and is also a synonym for its menu offering Mediterranean food.

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