A Question of Perspective

Project: Extension of the gastroenterological clinic of Prof. Dr. Körner in Leipzig
Product: Illuminated panels consisting of Lightpanel frameless RGB combined with Invision drops black as visible surface
Planning: Medicplan, Leipzig
Realisation: Schwertfeger, Eisenach


Neutral colours were selected for the elegant interior of the surgery. These colours are the perfect background for the highlight of the interior design. Several Lightpanels were placed on the walls like large paintings creating astonishing colour effects when illuminated. Their light is soothing and the resulting atmosphere is unique and pleasant. The surface consisting of Invision drops black creates exceptional effects and with each change of perspective the illuminated surface changes its appearance. The secret: Small black polycarbonate tubes embedded in transparent plastic are the reason for astounding optical refractions. The more the angle of view moves to the side, the more visible the black colour of the small tubes becomes.

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