20x30 cm pearl

product line: INVISION birch


standard dimensions:

regular production time: 2 weeks

2400 x 1200 mm (2,88 sq. m.)

3000 x 1450 mm (4,35 sq. m.)

3000 x 2000 mm (6,00 qm) *

from 20 sheets onwards:

6 weeks production time
2000 x 1200 mm (2,40 sq. m.)
3000 x 2000 mm (6,00 qm) *

3500 x 2000 mm (7,00 qm) *

* only available with surface SANDSTONE



10 / 12 / 16 / 20 mm


advantages at first sight:


surface impact proof


high chemical resistance


food safe (non uv-protected version)


suitable for all conventional plastic


processing technologies



backside PETG white:



on demand

other thicknesses:

on demand

1- or 2-sided coloured print:

on demand


minimum order quantity:

1 sheet


Due to UV radiation slight changes in the colour of the embedded organic material may occur.

Important aditional information!


Lightwall made of Lightpanels, partially with Invision or prints, mixed with Iceplex

Steles made of Invision birch, faded arrangement, white PETG background

This exquisite design of a VR Bank displays various applications possible with Invision birch

Dining room in  Hotel Mercure, Severinshof – with room dividers made from Invision birch

Ethereal bank design: VR branch with Aquaplex and Invision birch in the counter area 

Luxurious interior fittings of a yacht with elements from Invision birch, blade, fern and beargrass

Room divider made of Invision birch and Invision fern at an Alpin & Spa Resort

Illuminated columns using Invision birch and Lightpanels as rewritable whiteboards

Invision leaves nature at the changing area of the Thermal Salt Spring Salü in Lüneburg